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Piggy Bank , , PHOTO USA
Piggy Bank , , PHOTO USA
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Piggy Bank


Such a popular tumbler! This Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Tumbler is designed to keep liquids hot or cold for an extended amount of time. When drinking hot liquids, please allow them to cool to a drinkable temperature before securing the lid.

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    $2.44 per unit Base

    1-5 cases

    $2.32 per unit -4.92%

    6-10 cases

    $2.2 per unit -9.84%

    11-15 cases

    $2.09 per unit -14.34%

    16-20 cases

    1 case (Min. Order)(MOQ)

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    The Preferred Choice in Sublimation Coatings

    Discover the ORCA sublimation coating brand by Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc.: Renowned for our ORCA coated sublimation product line, we consistently deliver high-quality, vibrant imprints that make a lasting impression. With our industry-leading coating, Photo USA continues to revolutionize the sublimation market through advanced, efficient technology.

    Premier ORCA Coating: Born in Silicon Valley, our cutting-edge sublimation coating delivers vivid, enduring prints that defy fading and wear, setting the industry standard.

    Rigorous Quality Assurance: Every ORCA Black Grade (AAA) mug is meticulously inspected to ensure flawless surface quality, optimal coating density, and robust polymer hardness.

    UV Protection and FDA Compliance: We prioritize your well-being, crafting mugs with a coating that safeguards against harmful UV radiation and meets FDA guidelines.