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ORCA Strong

Nestled in the heart of Fremont, California, Photo USA proudly crafts top-notch products for photo lovers everywhere. Excitingly, we've teamed up with the wonderful folks at Save The Whales, based in Seaside, California. Their heartfelt mission? To shield our beautiful oceans and their gentle giants, especially our dear Orca whales.

With our creative hats on, we at Photo USA have whipped up a special coating, fondly named ORCA. Why? Because it mirrors the resilience and charm of the Orca whales themselves.

Our passionate leader, Mr. James Peng, feels a deep connection to these majestic creatures. Realizing the challenges Orcas face, he's generously pledging support to Save The Whales. And here's the cherry on top: a portion of our ORCA product sales will go straight into helping these beautiful whales thrive.

In Mr. Peng's own warm words, "Crafting the ORCA Coating wasn’t just about innovation; it was about celebrating the beauty of these marine wonders. The more I learn about their struggles, the more I want to help. Joining hands with Save the Whales means everything. Together, let's show the world that We Are Orca Strong!"

Orca Strong Video Show
As our cherished member of the Photo USA family, know that every time you choose our "Orca" coated treasures, you're making a heartfelt difference. With each purchase, you're contributing to a greener planet and lending a hand to our precious Orca Whales. A heartfelt thank you for being with us on this journey. Together, WE CAN TRANSFORM THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER!
save the whales and orca strong coatings
branding for orca coatings

Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc. proudly heralds its flagship brand: the ORCA sublimation coating. Seamlessly integrating this patented marvel, Photo USA has reshaped the sublimation horizon, showcasing unparalleled prowess through its vibrant, consistent, and high-caliber imprints.


With a nod to global eco-friendly benchmarks, ORCA stands out as an exemplary pick for sublimation enthusiasts. Be it a cherished ceramic mug or decorative tiles, ORCA ensures wellness and sustainability for every household treasure.


Standing resolute against its market rivals, the ORCA coating showcases unmatched endurance. As backed by SGS insights, our ORCA-layered mugs champion through 3000 dishwasher spins, keeping their design virtually untouched. Dive deeper with our ORCA Coatings Black Grade White 11 oz Mug, or opt for the grander ORCA Coatings Black Grade White 15 oz Mug.


As ORCA takes center stage, vibrancy awakens, casting shades competitors can scarcely fathom. Experience this first-hand with our standout Accent Color Mugs and the mesmerizing Color Changing Magic Mugs.


Rooted in ORCA's impeccable formulation is its unwavering integrity. It staunchly minimizes nuances like shade variations and unexpected dispersals, elevating product perfection.


ORCA Coatings not only shields but elevates your treasures' native brilliance, gifting them a refined finish and a sumptuously smooth touch.


Whether it's artisanal ceramics, lustrous stainless steel, sophisticated glass, or robust aluminum, ORCA Coatings finesse augments a vast portfolio of items.

 proof that orca mugs last for 3000 cycles


SGS report for our orca mugs


A lifespan of 10 years
even if you wash it on a daily basis!


Setting a groundbreaking precedent in the sublimation arena, our ORCA Coated Photo Mug stands peerless. The SGS REPORT certifies that Photo USA's ORCA Coated Photo Mugs bravely endure 3000 cycles in your everyday home dishwasher. To put that into perspective: a bi-weekly wash grants this mug a decade-long companionship in your home!

Your unwavering support, coupled with invaluable insights, has been instrumental in crafting such a distinguished product. As we forge ahead, our commitment remains unshaken – to serve you with unparalleled quality and unwavering dedication.

For information about the SGS Test Reports, please contact your account representative.