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ORCA Coatings


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The Preferred Choice in Sublimation Coatings

Introducing our cutting-edge ORCA coating: Engineered in the heart of Silicon Valley, this premier sublimation coating delivers brilliantly vivid and enduring prints that defy fading and wear. Experience the exceptional quality of our ORCA Black Grade (AAA) mugs, each meticulously inspected to ensure unparalleled surface quality, coating density, and polymer hardness.

Safety is our priority, which is why our mugs are not only UV protected but also FDA compliant. Our coatings shield against harmful UV rays while adhering to the highest safety standards set by the FDA.

As a part of Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc., the ORCA sublimation coating brand has gained a reputation for offering a superior line of sublimation products that yield vibrant, consistent, and high-quality imprinted results. Leveraging this industry-leading coating technology, Photo USA remains at the vanguard of the sublimation sector.

Our proprietary ORCA coating not only symbolizes the strength of the Orca whale but also demonstrates our commitment to preserving your cherished images for years to come, thanks to our patented technology. In addition to supporting non-profit organizations, we pride ourselves on offering reusable and durable products that contribute to reducing daily disposable plastic pollution.