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Denim Wallet - Medium Wallets


Go shopping or hang out with a personalized versatile wallet. This denim wallet is just the ticket for you. It comes in two portions: the foldable portion involves two flaps that contain a bill fold, five card slots and an identification cover, and that can be closed up with a snap closure, while the zippered pocket has enough room for keys or mobile phone. Personalize it by sublimation printing any stylish pattern on its cover, and ramble the street all day long with your own chic wallet.

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    Product Dimensions

    2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.0″ (h x w x d) / 6.0″ (circ.)

    Imprint Dimensions

    6.61″ x 3.16″





    Dishwasher Safe


    Case Dimensions

    13 x 10 x 13

    Pcs / Case


    Case Weight

    26 lbs.

    Wholsale Blanks Pricing
    $5.48 per unit Base

    1-5 cases

    $5.21 per unit -4.93%

    6-10 cases

    $4.95 per unit -9.67%

    11-15 cases

    $4.7 per unit -14.23%

    16-20 cases

    1 case (Min. Order)(MOQ)

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