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15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black , Accent Mugs , PHOTO USA
15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black , Accent Mugs , PHOTO USA
15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black , Accent Mugs , PHOTO USA
15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black , Accent Mugs , PHOTO USA
15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black , Accent Mugs , PHOTO USA

15 oz Inner & Handle Colored Mug - Black Color Mugs

36  units per case
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Ships from: Fremont, CA 94538 Sold by: Photo USA Corp.

Product description

Why settle for ordinary when you can express yourself with a dazzling splash of color? Our 15 oz Inner & Handle Accent Color Mug comes in a range of vibrant hues, including Black, Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, and Red. With so many choices, you can pick the perfect color to match your mood, theme, or event. These mugs are perfect for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or cozying up with a hot chocolate on a chilly evening.

  • Superior ORCA coating for lasting vibrancy
  • Comfortable C-handle design
  • Generous 15 oz capacity
  • Ideal for personalization and gifting
  • Matched to Pantone PMS Black C for a cohesive look

Designed for Perfection: ORCA Coating

Our mugs are more than just a pretty face. The white mug body is expertly coated in ORCA coating, ensuring vibrant color effects that last. This unique, high-quality coating provides a superior printing surface that resists fading, scratches, and even dishwasher wear. With our ORCA-coated mugs, you can enjoy your favorite beverages and showcase your personality, without worrying about the mug losing its charm.

Seamlessly Blended Style: Pantone PMS Black C

The Inner & Handle Accent Color Mug is designed to match Pantone PMS Black C, creating a truly cohesive look. This precise color matching means you can trust that your mug will look as good as it feels, and it'll blend seamlessly with the rest of your tableware. Plus, with Pantone's reputation for reliable color standards, you can be confident that your mug will maintain its bold and beautiful appearance over time.

Your Hand's Best Friend: The C-Handle

Beyond aesthetics, our 15 oz ceramic sublimation mugs boast a comfortable and functional C-handle design. This ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip, preventing accidental spills and providing a pleasant drinking experience. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a late-night tea, the C-handle offers a reliable and enjoyable way to hold your favorite beverage.

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16-20 cases

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Inner & Handle Accent Color Mug

Product dimensions

4.5 in (w) / 5.2 in (h)

3.4 in (d)

10.75 in (circ.)

Imprint dimensions

8.25 in (w) / 3.87 in (h)

2513, 1200 (px)

Heat method

182°C / 360°F & 60 sec



Decoration Process

Dye sublimation

Decoration Location

Fremont, CA

Sublimation Type

ORCA Coatings®

ORCA Coatings Grade




Pantone Color

Black 6 C


443 mL



Case dimensions

17.5 x 11.5 x 17

Case Weight

37.4 lb

Warehouse Location

Northern California

POD Partner

Printverse Pro


Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc.


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The Preferred Choice in Sublimation Coatings

Discover the ORCA sublimation coating brand by Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc.: Renowned for our ORCA coated sublimation product line, we consistently deliver high-quality, vibrant imprints that make a lasting impression. With our industry-leading coating, Photo USA continues to revolutionize the sublimation market through advanced, efficient technology.

Premier ORCA Coating: Born in Silicon Valley, our cutting-edge sublimation coating delivers vivid, enduring prints that defy fading and wear, setting the industry standard.

Rigorous Quality Assurance: Every ORCA Black Grade (AAA) mug is meticulously inspected to ensure flawless surface quality, optimal coating density, and robust polymer hardness.

UV Protection and FDA Compliance: We prioritize your well-being, crafting mugs with a coating that safeguards against harmful UV radiation and meets FDA guidelines.