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The ORCA Promise

Photo USA’s proprietary ORCA Coatings® ensures exceptionallyvibrant colors and high resolutions on a wide range of sublimation products, ranging from ceramic mugs to full-wrap polymer phone cases.
Our ORCA Coatings® was developed with a devotion to the higheststandard of product quality. Using our 23 years of industry-leading experience, we engineered a coating that has surpassed all othersin terms of quality, consistency, and durability.
Products coated with our ORCA Coatings® are dishwasher-safe,microwave-safe, and incredibly long-lasting. This means that thecolors of your image will not fade from the product even after multiple cycles through a dishwasher! All of our coatings are also approved by the FDA and compliant with Proposition 65.
With our ORCA coated products, we are confident that we have the best quality product in the industry at the best price. With PhotoUSA and our ORCA Coatings®, you will receive exactly what you deserve: the best.

Why Sublimation?

Sublimation offers the ability to create low cost, high quality products ranging from ceramic mugs to stainless steel water bottles to full wrap phone cases. Sublimation allows you to create personalized products with higher resolutions and more colors than other methods, resulting in an amazingly vivid product. Sublimation is perfect for true individual personalization because of the lower minimum quantities and effectiveness in smaller, on demand custom production runs.

What is Sublimation?

Dye-sublimation refers to the chemical process of transferring the dye (or ink) from one medium to another medium. This is done by printing an image with a sublimation printer with sublimation ink, properly placing the print out on your specially coated sublimation product, and then applying pressure and heat to transfer the ink onto the product. For more information, please call us.


Specially coated sublimation ready blanks
Heat + Presure
Sublimation capable printer
Sublimation Ink

Specially coated sublimation ready blanks

All of the products we offer in our catalog are specifically designed and coated with our ORCA coatings®. This includes ceramic mugs, stainless steel travel mugs, glass cutting boards, polymer phone cases, and many more. Photo USA offers over 500 unique products to choose from.

Heat + Pressure

With heat and pressure, you can transfer images printed from your sublimation printer directly to the sublimation ready products. We provide four different types of presses to help bring your photos, art, and images to life. We also offer high quality heat conductive rubber wraps that can be used in an oven. Please call for more information.

Sublimation capable printer

Epson and Ricoh printers work very well for sublimation. PhotoUSA only supplies printers only in starter kits. Please call for more information.

Sublimation ink

This special ink is available in cartridges and continuous ink systems. Photo USA does not sell sublimation ink. Please call for more information.

Will any ceramic or metal product work with sublimation?

No. Our sublimation products have special coating that is unique to our company and the sublimation process. When the ink on the transfer paper is heated to a specific temperature it will begin to evaporate from the paper and adhere onto the coating. Without the special coating, the sublimation ink will not adhere to the product.

Are your products dishwasher safe?

Products that use our specially engineered coating are considered dishwasher and microwave safe, unless the drinkware or product is constructed of metal. Please look for the ORCA in the product name and ORCA Coatings® logo on the product.