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Smart 540 DTG Printer body and software partial upgraded

(September 2019)


DTG Printer 540 Hardware Update:

  1. A new beam is made at the bottom of the machine.
  2. Before the machine is packed, the bottom four pulleys are already installed. After unpacking, install the four bases directly.
  3. The cabinet door on the left and right sides of the machine is changed from the previous semi-closed plus double-opening door to a single single-opening door for easy maintenance.
  4. The rear ink cartridge is equipped with a metal fixing strip at the rear of the ink cartridge to prevent the ink cartridge from colliding.
  5. A small metal clip is added to the ink path connection at the back of the ink cartridge to prevent ink leakage.
  6. The sidearm of the nozzle can be installed by the previous base of the ink station to be disassembled. Now an L-shaped metal piece has been added, which can be installed without disassembling the base.
  7. Replace the material in the structure of the nozzle car to reduce the weight.
  8. Before the nozzle is installed, the cleaning is carried out by the previous syringe pushing water and the treatment liquid, and the droplets can be changed to reduce the force.
  9. The temperature of the press machine should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius, and it is recommended to be about 65 degrees Celsius.
  10. The ratio of white T-shirt treatment liquid is 1:17 to 1:20.


Software Update:

  1. Machine driver software and RIP software update new version, please do not use old software;
  2. The printing speed set before the driver software is 38, which is now changed to the limit of 36, and 34 under normal conditions.
  3. The stepping calibration of 6.8...10.12PASS can be adjusted separately after the driver software enters the advanced settings.
  4. The RIP software uses the new density curve in the machine box.
  5. Black T mode now only uses 8PASS, 10PASS, 12PASS, cancel 6PASS mode.
  6. White T mode now only uses 10PASS, 12PAS two modes, cancel 6PASS, 8PASS.
  7. White T 10PASS mode uses the white T8PASS density curve when setting, and 10PASS mode uses 10PASS density curve.
  8. Modified the problem that if the picture is close to the current platen size, the software automatically replaces the larger platen and does not manually adjust it back.