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DTG Digital Inkjet Printing Solution TBD

Machine Elements Smart-540

Technical Parameters

Model  Smart-540
Printing Technology Piezoelectric variable point print
Printing Heads & Quantity 4 Industrial-grade 4pl printing heads
Color 4 White+CMYK
Printing Size 400 X 500 mm
Max. Printing Size 650 X 800mm
High Speed (A4 size) 6pass: 540X1080dp BlackT100pcs/h WhiteT120pcs/h
Intermediate Speed (A4 size) 8pass: 540X1440dpi BlackT75pcs/h WhiteT85pcs/h
Standard (A4 size) 10pass: 540X1800dpi BlackT60pcs/h WhiteT66pcs/h
High Density (A4 size) 12pass:540X2160dpi BlackT50pcs/h WhiteT54pcs/h
Ink Type Waterborne pigment ink
Ink Capacity 1.5L
Pallet Options Garment, cutting piece, sleeve, trousers, kids
Fabric Thickness 30mm
Fabric Type Cotton, man-made fiber, hemp, silk, nylon, polyester, wool and cashmere
RIP Software A Jet ME-RIP
Printing Heads Maintenace Auto-flashing / Auto-moisturizing / Auto ink-scrapping system
Power AC220V/110V , 50/60HZ , 4800W
Temperature 18-32°c
Humidity 55-75%
Noise 60DB
Machine Size/Weight 
L2700xW2050xH1475mm 850KG
Packaging Size/Weight L2800xW1650xH1610mm 100KG



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