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The Benefits of Pre-Cut Sublimation Paper

The Benefits of Pre-Cut Sublimation Paper If you want to print images on mugs, polyester fabrics or other hard surfaces, dye printing is the best method to do the job. It is done by printing mirror images on a sublimation paper using a dye printer, and when transferring is ready, you [...]

Personalized Mugs from Photo USA

Personalized Mugs from Photo USA: Pour Fresh Life Into Your Brand Image Photo USA is a well-known and trusted sublimation and printing company that has been operating for twenty-five years. Because of our years of experience, you are guaranteed that we can provide high-quality personalized mugs and other products that adhere to your needs and [...]

How to create high end art using Sublimated tiles

Ceramic tile art is a great way to modernized your living space or office. Which is why we took 120 of these sublimated tiles and printed a giant mural in 8 hours. Get the details of how we did it here.

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